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  • Stephany Ponciano, LCPC

    Hi, I’m Stephany! I know sometimes it is hard to be an adult trying to fulfill all the expectations we face every day.  Many times it’s been difficult to function when your feelings are weighing you down. Those dreaded thoughts, the knot in your stomach, the everlasting doubt you have about yourself.  Constantly worrying about others judging you can make you lose focus on the present and thinking of the future can become stressful. You want to believe that you can balance everything, but it always seems that everyone else can do it much better. It’s even more exhausting when the worst critic is yourself. However,  you’re ready for change and you’re ready to become the confident person everyone thinks you are. You are ready to be in charge of your day and find peace in the choices you make every day.

    How nice would it be to make a choice for yourself without the constant fear of what they will think or say about you? Imagine your confidence when you can say or do what you’re thinking without the fear of uncertainty lingering. How much easier would it be to feel good about your actions during the day without questioning if you could have done better?

    Feeling confident, empowered, and sure of yourself doesn’t have to be a daydream. Together we can use a hands-on approach known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help identify your thoughts, investigate your feelings, and change the behavior that has kept you stuck and unsure of yourself and your choices. Integrating CBT along with developing insight and adding hands-on coping skills will provide you with a handful of tools to help you increase happiness and the ability to tackle the anxiety you have been carrying for too long. Working with struggling, anxious, and uncertain adults is my passion, I want to help you find your confidence.  Contact me to schedule an appointment at  240-489-1108 or email our intake coordinator  at [email protected] 

    Now a little bit about me…

    I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor licensed in Maryland. I obtained a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Emporia State University in Kansas. I also received my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the same university.

    In terms of experience, I have completed an internship at Crosswinds Mental Health Center in Emporia, KS, where I gained experience working in community mental health as an outpatient therapist for adults and children. In addition, I worked at Flint Hills counseling assisting with Psychological evaluations. Most recently, I worked for the YMCA in Maryland as a mental health therapist. I have experience working with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, and self-esteem. 

    Lastly, I am certified in the treatment of ADHD. In addition, I am trained in Child-Centered Play therapy and Trained in Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD, OCD, and Anxiety disorders; but my passion lies in using the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy model to help people tackle their problems!