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  • ASL Therapy

    There are many benefits to working with a therapist fluent in ASL (American Sign Language), including:

    • Effective direct communication through American Sign Language, without a need for an interpreter
    • Safe, confidential, and nonjudgmental therapy services
    • Culturally sensitive counseling/therapy for deaf/hard of hearing clients

    We at Ponciano Counseling are committed to providing our clients with access to quality counseling services. Our goal is to do our utmost to provide accommodation for every client. One of our knowledgeable clinicians, Suzanne LaFauce, LGPC, is fluent in ASL.

    Suzanne understands the challenges of finding a sensitive therapist with fluency in American Sign Language and knowledge of Deaf culture. Suzanne has a lifetime of experiences interacting within the Deaf community. She is skilled in providing culturally sensitive and linguistically affirmative services to Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing individuals through the use of American Sign Language, signed English, and spoken English. Suzanne also understands the unique needs, strengths, values, and culture of Deaf individuals. Her goal is to make therapy accessible to your communication and language needs. Suzanne is LGBTQ+ affirming and utilizes a holistic approach to therapy.