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  • Gottman Relationship Checkup Package for Couples

    How to make relationships work: Building Trust, Love and Loyalty

    The Gottman relationship checkup is a research informed tool created by the Gottman institute to help couples obtain a structure and personalized feedback of the strengths and weakness in your relationship.   Whether you are engaged and eager start your relationship as prepared as possible or you have been in a committed relationship for a long time this tool can help you.

    The Gottman checkup will provide you a personalized, clinical feedback on the strengths and weakness in your relationship.

    Are you a young couple that wants to prevent future problem in your relationship?

    Are you a couple in a long-term relationship that is ready to learn more about strengths and weakness in your relationship?

    Maybe you tried couples counseling before, and it did not take you anywhere due to the lack of structure or goals. This assessment can help provide that roadmap.

    Ponciano Counseling and Wellness, LLC provides professional and structure feedback based on the result of your Gottman assessment.

    Ingrid Ponciano, LCMFT has 10+ years of experience working with couples.  She is a Level 3 trained Gottman Clinician offering a 4-session assessment package.

    The Gottman Assessment Package includes:

    • Initial Couples assessment: a 90- minute session with the couple focusing on gathering information about the history of your relationship.
    • 2 45-minute individual sessions to assess each partner and their role in the relationship and to review the individual part of the assessment.
    • Final session: 90-minute session where Ingrid meets with the couple to provide feedback about the information compiled from the interviews and the online assessment.
    • Online Gottman Assessment access.
    • Electronic Gottman Relationship Guides that will help you implement what you learn during the assessment.

    The Gottman Assessment Package including the above is $850.

    Schedule your Gottman assessment package now by emailing Ingrid at [email protected]