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  • Immigration and Citizenship Evaluation Fees


    At Ponciano Counseling and Wellness, we are dedicated to providing thorough and professional immigration mental health evaluations to support your immigration case. Below is a detailed breakdown of our fee structure for these evaluations.

    Immigration Mental Health Evaluation Fees:

    Base Fee:  $1500

     This fee includes:

    -A case evaluation for one individual comprised of two clinical interviews (each lasting 2 hrs.) 

    -Two clinical interviews (each lasting 2 hours).

    -An unofficial written report sent as a draft to your attorney.

    -A written comprehensive report documenting the evaluation findings.


     Additional Fees:

    -Additional individuals that need to be interviewed:  $300 per individual

    -Updates Fee: This fee is variable and it is determined if your attorney requests to make any updates to your reports.

    We require 50% of the base fee to schedule the first 2 appointments.  The remainder of the fees can be payable at the end of the second appointment. We will not be able to write the report until the complete fee is paid in full. All fees are nonrefundable. 

    We accept payment by credit card or cashier check.


    At Ponciano Counseling and Wellness, our goal is to provide a thorough and empathetic evaluation that accurately reflects your experiences and supports your immigration case. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your evaluation is comprehensive, detailed, and accurate based on the information provided by the client.  Although your report can support your case we cannot guarantee that this report on its own will impact the results for your case.