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  • The Gottman Seven Principles Workshop

    The main goal of The Seven Principles Couples Workshop is to help couples strengthen the relationship in a variety of ways including deepening their love maps, fostering fondness and admiration, facilitating turning towards each other, acceptance influence, solving solvable problems, overcoming gridlock, creating share meaning, and maintaining gains.

    Benefits of participating in the workshop

    • It provides structure motivation and accountability to continue working through the 7 principles book.
    • It is encouraging to work with other couples who are working on improving their relationship.
    • Less threatening than therapy as fits into the enrichment model that couples may be familiar with. It can also become a bridge into therapy for those couples that desire more personal assistance than the class can provide.
    • Helps couples clearly defined and articulated goals, expectations, structure, and duration for working on their relationship
    • Encourages both partners to work on their relationship together.
    • Provides a great opportunity for premarital couples to learn the skills that can enrich their relationship through a lifetime together.

    Frequently asked questions


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