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    Therapy is a process focused on collaborative communication between client and therapist that strives to help you expand your perspective and thought process to focus on what is important and meaningful for you. Our goal as therapists is to provide you with the tools and space you need to help you understand your circumstances. To help you navigate through the hardships you may be facing, and to help you set your goals and values. In this process, the individual can establish the confidence needed to prosper through every stage in their life. We provide services through various techniques that can be altered and molded into your specific needs and help you advance and thrive in your mental health.

    At Ponciano Counseling our passion is to help you find solutions to problems your family may be experiencing, enhance the relationship with your partner, or assist you with individual goals.  We can help you reach your full potential, set and meet goals, and find the happiness you have been searching for.