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  • Depression

    It’s difficult to know what to do when you have done everything right but at the end of the day, you want to curl up and be alone. The therapists at Ponciano Counseling have extensive training in working with high-functioning individuals that “should be happy” but are not.

    People like you, that regardless of all the good things you have, happiness feels far away. We have experience helping people change patterns of negative thinking, and exploring alternative ways of viewing life. We can help you find the answers within yourself. Our approach helps people understand and gain awareness of changing negative patterns and negative thoughts, which leads them to changes in behavior. The result is creating their own normal and defining their own level of happiness.

    If you are tired of feeling sad, lonely, and not feeling like yourself, we can help you. Call us today to begin building the happiness you have been searching for and deserve.

    We want you to have a future time where you laugh without forcing it, where you are able to sleep peacefully, and where you are able to look at yourself in the mirror and smile because you are happy to be you.

    To learn more about Depression and our approach to helping you feel better, email us at [email protected]  we want to be part of the journey to the future you just imagined.