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  • Therapy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

    On the outside, everyone thinks you have it all together. It’s easy to act like things are okay, to pretend that you are enjoying your life. On the inside, there is turmoil and chaos. You feel stuck in your own head. You wish you could focus on the present, but the thoughts are too overwhelming. You feel exhausted and defeated, that you cannot go without constant checking, thinking, or performing habits. You’re not sure what’s worse, the anxiety and fear or spending so much of your time with your rituals to just end up feeling worried again.

    We understand the cycle of OCD can be exhausting and unbearable. The thought of the anxiety rising and losing control can feel daunting. However, we want you to know that there is a way for you to cope with your OCD and stop your thoughts and worries from hijacking your brain and body.

    At Ponciano Counseling, we use a technique known as Prolonged Exposure Therapy, the gold standard treatment for OCD. This technique takes you a step further than your traditional therapeutic approach. With Prolonged Exposure Therapy, you will be able to face your anxieties in a controlled and monitored environment, at your own pace. Together with your therapist, you can learn about your triggers, rituals, and confront the things that make you feel out of control. Through this evidence-based model, you can feel confident about the uncertain things in life and feel empowered to break the cycle of OCD.