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  • Teletherapy Services

    You have been contemplating going to therapy. You are ready to make a positive personal change, you are ready to stop feeling sad, overwhelmed, and stressed. You’re a busy person, a professional, a parent, or a student, your day is full of activities and at the end of the day, you just want to get home. Therapy sounds nice, but the thought of driving to an office makes you second-guess yourself. Yet, you realize that things are only getting worse, and you want to allow yourself time to better yourself.

    Teletherapy provides you the opportunity to begin that positive change by taking only 1 hour in your busy week. You can meet with one of our therapists from the comfort of your own home or the privacy of your office. Teletherapy works for anyone, many of our clients take advantage of the opportunity to work on their self-improvement without having to worry about finding time to leave work or find a babysitter to care for the kids after work. It can provide you with the flexibility to meet for a session without having to travel to the office. If you are an individual who wants to work on yourself but another trip sounds exhausting. Teletherapy can provide you the space to improve in the setting of your choice.

    Our services are strictly confidential, we use a secure system that complies with HIPAA rules.

    Imagine yourself having a counselor you trust, someone who challenges and supports you at the same time. Imagine having the ability to create positive change in your life without having to juggle the complexities of scheduling and commuting to an office. Ponciano Counseling can provide those services with the same quality therapist. We are not a therapist factory like many other services online. We are a small practice with a therapist dedicated to serving clients with the same quality of care we provide in person. Our services also provide you with the choice of coming to our office if you wish.

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