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  • Therapy for Adults

    Life is complicated as adults we deal with many life uncertainties, pressure to perform our best, and constant worry about our jobs, family, kids, and other responsibilities.  Our lives are in a constant rush and we do not stop to take a breath.  

    You are a busy adult, that is doing everything right yet, it is difficult to find happiness and it is difficult to relax.  You feel like you are in a constant battle with uncertainties in your life. You struggle to feel confident and positive about the present and fear the future. 

    You’ve found yourself avoiding people and places you once were excited about. It’s hard to focus on your family and friends. You stay up all night contemplating your purpose in life. 

    Others expect a lot from you, maybe you expect a lot more from yourself but you don’t know what more looks like. The stress and anxiety of today’s expectations and responsibilities weigh you down. You have several roles to play but feel incapable to succeed in any of them. You want to feel optimistic and hopeful about your life and your decisions. You’re exhausted from the mask you put on every day and yearn for the happy, determined, and adventurous person you used to be.

    At Ponciano Counseling we want to match you with a therapist that will help you navigate the difficulties of life. Together with your therapist, you will create a plan with goals that are customized to your personal needs. You can count on us to provide the safe space your need while keeping you accountable for your progress, call us today to schedule an appointment.