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  • Certified Parenting Coordinator

    As a certified parenting coordinator in Maryland Ingrid’s role is to help parents learn and use a number of skills like communication, conflict resolution, and parenting strategies.  Conflict after divorce is a strong predictor of which children will successfully deal with the divorce, efforts to reduce parental conflict are important.  Parenting coordination assist parents in creating a healthy relationship as coparents, to reduce conflict and clear the path to making decisions that are focus on child’s best interest.

    Families who may benefit from this service are those who have tried other resources without success. Families in High conflict divorces, parents who continue to fight over parenting decisions about their child, parents who experience problems communicating about the child, as well as parents who are going thorough litigation concerning parenting or divorce issues.

    When parents are unable to reach an agreement the Parenting Coordinator will consider relevant information obtained through discussion with the parents, record review, and/or collateral contacts, all these information is used to evaluate the decision that best suits the best interest of the child. 

    Ingrid helps parents with day to day parenting issues they face during separation or post divorce. In addition to ensuring that the guidelines of the parenting agreement are behind upheld, a parent coordinator helps with ongoing issues as they arise.

    Some of the common issues where families experience conflict are around decisions on visitation, schedules, discipline, vacation time, holidays, medical bills, extracurricular activity costs, religion and other issues affecting the children.

    Ingrid’s goal as parent coordination is to reduce conflict and stress, increase communication and help the family transition to a different arrangement but most importantly to ensure the best interest of the children.

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