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  • Dr. Ever Ponciano

    Dr. Ever graduated from University of Maryland in College Park, where he attained two degrees, one in Biochemistry and one in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics.  He was part of the Honors Program and received Howard Hughes Fellowship to carry out research for which he presented a thesis at the end of the program.  Subsequently, he continued his passion for science at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia.
    After completing medical school Dr. Ponciano completed his residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia.  During his tenure there, he realized he loved the care for the patient in its entirety and upon completing his training sought the opportunity practice medicine in its traditional form. 

    After completing his training, Dr. Ponciano joined a private practice in Kansas. During his phase in Kansas, he became most interested in providing care full circle.  He became a medical director for a nursing home, realizing he would be able to continue care at the latter aspects of his patient’s lives.  This soon became a passion for him, and he became a medical director for a second nursing home.  After this, he realized that care at the last stage of life needed more care, and this is when his strong passion for hospice initiated.  He became a hospice physician and for the next several years, carried out his various duties of primary care provider, nursing home director, and hospice physician, bringing care to all his patients in all stages of their lives.  After seven years of being in Kansas, the bonds of family called him back home, and returned to Maryland.

    Dr. Ponciano became partner at Primary Care Associates of Hagerstown, serving the community of Hagerstown. He is also associate Medical Director of Hospice of Washington county. In addition, Dr Ponciano is approved by the State of Maryland to provide certification for Medical Marijuana.