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  • Welcoming Fall


    September Issue 1
    Ingrid Ponciano, LCMFT
    Stephany Ponciano, MS

    3 Minute Read

    As the caramel and scarlet colored leaves tumble into our lives,  some welcome Autumn with open arms, our favorite blanket, and sweater. Others welcome the season with uneasiness and fear of what their emotions may bring as the season change.

    Autumn can stir up a range of emotions. Whether you experience fear, anxiety, or even depression if we cannot cope with our emotions our lives can quickly tumble out of control and we can easily miss the good things the change of seasons can bring.   

    What do you look forward to?

    Some of us think of summer as a time of relaxation…or maybe look forward to a vacation along the way. This can be a relieving and happy thought in the mists of a busy workday. As we wave goodbye to summer, it does not mean our relaxation time is over! One great tip to manage anxiety, depression, or uneasiness is to plan an event that you look forward to. Perhaps it is a Saturday morning jog, or a Sunday afternoon, where you can go out for coffee with your significant other. Plan a fun event that lasts anywhere from a weekend to a few hours. This allows you to have a goal and a mini vacation to look forward to. Remember we do not have to travel and take vacations from work to relax. Your mini vacation can be as simple as visiting the local apple orchard, picking apples, and heading home to bake and enjoy a slice of apple pie!

    Practice Mindfulness

    Fall is a great way to practice Mindfulness. Of course, the summer pool felt so nice in the humid and hot day. However, reminiscing on the past, will not provide the same pleasure it once did…no one wants to be in a pool when the weather is 40 degrees outside! Instead, focus on what activities you can enjoy this season. For example, toasting marshmallows in the cozy fire outside, or perhaps enjoying a nice walk to the pumpkin patch sounds a lot more satisfying in the cold weather. By practicing mindfulness we allow ourselves to take control of the situation, our emotions, and to fully appreciate and find happiness in the things we have now.

    The change in seasons can stir up our emotions. Whether it is the change in weather, or perhaps the shorter days, if you feel anxiety, uneasiness, or maybe even feel down remember that change can also be a time of growth. It is important for us to give all new things including a new season a chance for development and growth. Give yourself a chance to fully embrace the wonderful memories and opportunities that the new season may bring to you!


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